Tuesday, 23 April 2013

MUA - Undressed Eyeshadow Palette

As promised I have finally gotten around to swatching something from my MUA haul, the first item being the MUA Undressed Eyeshadow Palette. MUA's Undressed palettes are infamous for being one of the closest dupes for the relatively expensive Urban Decay Naked palettes. If you're not a frequent eyeshadow user like me then this will be a great investment and worth every penny in comparison to the Urban Decay palettes. I apologise in advance for the poor lighting conditions in my photos.

There's nothing special about the packaging - simply a cheap plastic palette that doesn't feel very durable but is very lightweight and thin. The back of the palette includes a "mini master-class" which teaches you how to create a look using these eyeshadows - great for newbies like me! A double ended applicator is also included which is helpful if you are out and about and need a touch up. However, no mirror is provided therefore you should bring a compact mirror along or find one.

I should also mention that this was manufactured in PRC (China) since I know there are a number of people who refuse to wear products made in China...

One minor downside to this palette is they eyeshadows aren't named. They are simply labelled "Shade 1, Shade 2, etc..." which is sort of uncreative. Shade 3 and shade 5 are the only matte eyeshadows in this palette while the rest are all shimmery. They are all nicely pigmented except for Shade 3 and 5 which I had difficulties swatching and really match my skin tone.

Oops, please replace 4 5 6 with 7 8 9 instead.

I haven't tested how well these actually perform but I'm not too bummed since it only costs 1/10th of the price of the Naked palette. Furthermore there are numerous reviews by fellow bbloggers already so start googling or something!

Next time I will try to show better swatches but in the meantime enjoy :)


  1. Love the swatch of no. 6. And no. 7 - think you've called it 4 in the swatch picture?
    My international giveaway

  2. I think they all look really pretty, I am a big fan of goldy shimmery colours to apply on my eye, I don't like bright, flashy stuff :)

    I don't think I can get MUA here, but I guess I'd get it myself just to try it if I saw it somewhere :)

    1. You can purchase MUA products on their website! They ship internationally :)

  3. I'm adding this to my next order! The colors are fab and can be used everyday :)

  4. would love to see a look with this!

    1. First I must master how to apply eyeshadow properly! Ahhh

  5. I'm in need of a good eyeshadow palette. I rarely use eyeshadow, I like nudes and those first three look wonderful. :)

    I think your photos came out nicely!

  6. Definitely have to check this out! Your photos are great btw!


  7. wow love all of these colors, really great palate


  8. This really looks like such a lovely and versatile palette. Thanks for the review and swatches! Wish MUA were more accessible here in Canada!



  9. Nice colours!


  10. damn I already own the UO palette! might check this out though, not really a huge eyeshadow person:P

    Metallic Paws

  11. The colors are suuper gorgeous! For the price, I would say it's pretty good.
    Thanks for sharing!

  12. 2,4,5,6, look soooo pretty!


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