Tuesday, 23 April 2013

MUA - Nail Varnish

Many of you would know that I am quite a nail polish addict and anything cheap will tickle my fancy. When I saw that the MUA nail varnishes were only £1, I immediately added some colours to my shopping cart. Who could resist? The colours I chose were khaki (shade 23), lilac (shade 24), and white (all nude).

So how well do they actually perform?

The polishes I received remind me of the Chanel's Le Vernis bottles, which I believe is the older packaging. The new packaging of MUA polishes look exactly like the Essie bottles except it says MUA instead of Essie. Honestly, could MUA be any less original? I guess it's great for those who want to pretend they own Chanel or Essie polishes to add to their collection… Each bottle contains 6.2ml worth of product.

New MUA packaging. [cr: MUA]

For all three shades the colour payoff was excellent though the white is a little bit sheerer in comparison to the other two. One coat would be enough for khaki and lilac while two coats is required for white. Lilac really reminds me of the Colour Camouflage lilac polish I received in my LHI box. The formula is a bit thick in consistency but easy to work with except…

One thing that put me off the most was their brushes. I only have one word for it and it's TERRIBLE. It dragged the product off my nails leaving lines therefore I had to go over them again, and once again the brush would leave lines. I had to be very careful while applying these to ensure my nails were evenly painted. Instead of applying one coat of polish, I had to apply two which I find is a waste of product and unnecessary to begin with. Furthermore, some bristles in my khaki bottle stick up… Not happy jan.

For my top coat I've used the Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat and China Glaze Strong Adhesion as my base coat. I've worn each shade for around 4-5 days each and I'm impressed that I didn't experience any chipping. They would have lasted much longer if I didn't decide to remove them.

I am using Australis - Milk Way here as well

I'm not entirely impressed as the brush really turned me off but I guess that's what you get for buying cheap products sometimes. I don't know whether the brush would be any different from the new packaging but if I ever order from MUA again then I might add some to see if there is any difference. Their new range features some really nice colours though!

Have you tried any MUA polishes before and how was your experience?


  1. £1 ??? That's a steal.. Lovely shades for the summers..
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  2. Loving the Khakhi colour so much, but the brush is such a turn-off. No way!
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  3. I only wear their polish on my toes, I'm too fussy when it comes to finger nails. It's a pity about the brushes, not all budget polish has bad brushes though, I love the ones that come with Essence, love those big wide brushes. The shades are pretty :o)

    Jac x0x

    1. I know - I love the brushes that come with Essence polishes as well! I was so annoyed trying to apply these on.

  4. The Lilac one looks lovely! I have a few MUA polishes but never really wear them, I'll have to change that!

    Jesss xo

  5. Thanks for the review- such pretty shades for spring! Loving the lilac colour the best :)



  6. The pastell colours are so perfect for summer! I would love to own a really white nail polish like this one which is not transparent.
    Kisses, Sally


  7. Love the colours of these polishes but I can't stand bad brushes on them! x


  8. Looks like really lovely and cold colors!
    I love how looks the lilac color is really perfect for spring-summer


  9. Great colors!


  10. Wow - even though the polish wasn't the best quality your nails came out FABULOUS! They look great - love the lilac!

    1. It took a lot of effort to make them look nice! :( but I agree, the lilac looks beautiful.

  11. Brush is terrible ( my opinion )

  12. The green color looks good :9
    Love your blog and follow you :) Hope you can check my blog and follow if you like :)

    xoxo Klara
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  13. I love the milky way polish! So cute. And your cuticles are really nice, by the way haha!


  14. These colors are stunning! Love the white one with sparkles.

  15. This makes me think I should try some different colours, I love all three of these but would never think to pick them up myself!

    http://nataliewrites.co.uk x

  16. ooo i really like the lilac one, it's so perfect for summer. and that stinks that the brush was so crummy- put for only a pound,you can't ask for more!

    xo Marlen
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